Silvered Black Tainted Co-ord

Silvered Black Tainted Co-ord


Silvered Black Tainted Co-ordinate Set

Approx Size: 2.7cm x 1.4cm x 0.2cm (H x W x D) 


  • Charm comes with the attachment hook , 1 open jump ring and 1 lobster clasp per item.
  • Dangling Earrings come with the attachment hook, 1 open jump ring and 1 earring hook on both, per item.
  • Stud Earrings come with the item attached to the stud, and one stud backing, per item.


These items are made from a ‘Polymer Clay Slab’, which certain colours and (imitation) metal leaf are put in a bundle, I then roll out a ‘slab’ and cut shapes out from this.


The usual finishing touches (sanding, varnish, accessories) are carried out which then makes them ready for sale. The individual items are all going to be slightly different from each other, but all roughly the same colours and finish.


Handmade from Polymer Clay

  • Care

    Please handle gently at all times and be careful not to drop your item. Do not bend, it will break!

    If necessary, only clean gently with a slightly damp, soft cloth and use no chemicals.

    Protect against frost and heat.

PriceFrom £2.00