Mystery Bundle

Mystery Bundle

Feeling adventurous, or maybe can't decide?

Order one of the mystery bundles (or 2, or more?!) and see what random goodies you receive! 


Various products across the collections will be picked at random. Both size Mystery Bundles will contain different items, with the total value of products varying dependant on which size you choose:

  • Small Mystery Bundle value: between £7 - £15
  • Big Mystery Bundle value: between £11 - £25


They will mostly contain earring sets, with some charms, and maybe even something new and not availble to buy!


If you only wear studs or dangling earrings and never wear the other, please use the indicated box below to type this in.  If not specified, it may be a mixture.


However, please do not also use this box to type in wanted items or colours, as this will defeat the ‘Mystery Bundle’ objective.

A ‘bundle deal’ of items you can pick will be available soon. Please subscribe to the emails in order to stay updated!


Mystery bundles are not set items, always picked at random!

How lucky will you be?


No Personalized Pet / Pet shop orders or items included.

  • Care

    Please handle gently at all times and be careful not to drop your item. Do not bend, it will break!

    If necessary, only clean gently with a slightly damp, soft cloth and use no chemicals.

    Protect against frost and heat.

PriceFrom £7.00