Custom Made Pet Keepsakes - Sculptures & Key Charms

Discover one of a kind custom animal sculptures and pet keepsakes! 

Custom pet keepsake orders are made and shipped on the 1st and 3rd week of each month

Choose from full body miniature sculptures, or a key charm featuring the head only. 

 Head-only Key Charms £14.99

Full Body Sculpture £29.99

*ordering in bulk? email me for personalized price!*

Mini sculpture pet keepsake: approx 4cm x 5cm x 2cm
Key charm pet keepsake : approx 2cm x 1.8cm x 2cm 



*Pet keepsake orders placed in the 1st week of a month are shipped in the 3rd week, or opposite*


What does this mean?

You will be able to order a custom pet sculpture at any time in the month. Orders placed before the first full week of a month, will be made and shipped ready to send out in the next week.

Orders placed during the first full week and after, will be made and posted in the 3rd full week of a month. Orders after this 3rd full week will then be set for the next month's 1st full week.

Ordering 4+? Send me an email before ordering for a personalised price for your pet keepsakes!

3 Dog Key Charms Pet Keepsakes
Staffy & Jack Russell Key Charm Pet Keepsake
Collie Mix Dog Key Charm Sculpture
Golden Retriever Puppy Key Charm Sculpture
Jack Russell Key Charm Pet Keepsake
3 Boxer Key Charms Pet Keepsakes
Staffy Key Charm Pet Keepsake
Bearded Dragon Full Miniature Sculpture
French Bull Dog Mix Full Sculpture
Labrador Dog Key Charm Sculpture
Cockapoo Dog Key Charm Sculpture
3 Dog Key Charms Pet Keepsakes
Husky Dog Key Charm Sculpture
Cockapoo Dog Full Miniature Sculpture
Husky Mix Dog Key Charm Sculpture
Dove Bird Full Miniature Sculpture
Rottweiler Mix Dog Key Charm Sculpture
Spaniel Dog Key Charm Sculpture
Bunny Rabbit Key Charm Sculpture

These are the best affordable presents for animal lovers of all kinds; furry, scaly and fluffy, and specifically, just like for myself - dog lover gifts! Treat yourself, or be the star gifter of the occasion - even a stocking filler. These pet presents suit most budgets, but are a one of a kind gift that I bet you, or the recipient don't have already ;).

The very first custom pet sculpture I made was a Jack Russel, for my Grandad. A couple years before, his beloved dog passed away, but had been part of the family for around 13 years! It felt amazing to gift a tiny, cute pet keepsake of his old puppy. I want everyone to have a tiny, cute pet keepsakes of their beloved friends. :)

Meticulously hand-crafted to capture your pet's spirit and character that will remind you of their love forever. Dog art, animal portraits, cat & dog gifts, or figurines; whatever you would like to call them, simply order one above.

Animals are as unique and individual as humans, and so I believe that when it comes to remembering them, a personal sculpture makes the perfect pet present.

Our pet keepsakes are entirely hand sculpted with polymer clay, carefully painted with acrylic paint and a finishing touch of varnish. Your custom pet sculpture will last a lifetime, with no fading, no water damage or deterioration in quality.