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Welcome to the home of my blogs!

I'm Amber, owner of a clay creation, a website dedicated to the art of creating unique pet keepsakes. When not at my full time job, I spend most of my days making these special pet gifts for people who love their companions. 

My blogs will stay relevant to pet keepsakes, dog art and other pet related things. Feel free to comment your thoughts, I'd love to chat about them. 

Learn even more about me - the sculptor behind a clay creation. I make custom fur baby sculptures which make the best pet keepsakes. I create special gifts for people who love their animals and want to remember them forever. Travel into depths of pet owning, problems, funny moments and even the saddest of all - losing your best friend. 

Solve your gifting issues, pet present questions, dog art and all pet keepsakes matter right here! New blogs added weekly. For now, feel free to check out the blogs below.