Hey, it's Amber, a clay creation.

Living a generic life, work-home-eat-sleep, (although I love my job) I was inspired to take my art hobbies further. I enjoy being creative, and just wanted to make that little bit extra money, to cover things like tyre costs, gifts for birthdays and bills.

I came across polymer clay, bought the cheapest starter set and eventually figured I would love to make miniature figurines. The first one I made was on a whim, but it was a family present for my grandparent. This sparked the idea of setting up a shop where other people can enjoy pet keepsakes or gift on a budget. That idea has turned into reality, and these sculptures have been sent to many people, in the USA, UK, Ireland. SO much more than I was expecting!

I want everyone to be able to have a keepsake of their pet, be it dog, rabbit, lizard. They all mean so much and are part of the family. Why not have a miniature sculpture that can go anywhere, and bring a smile every time you see it?

This also includes gifting, you know, that feeling of excitement when you know you have the best present for someone, and you almost want to give it to them early, as the excitement is bubbling inside.

These will stay affordable, and fill in that box for you of  'still need to buy gift', for the hardest, hobby-less, has everything person. After all, I bet they don't have a miniature sculpture of their pet? Am I right? :)