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About The Story Of Our Pet Keepsakes

Hey, it's Amber, a clay creation!

I am here to make treasured pet keepsakes for all you pet lovers!

I love making them and bringing your pet's story to life.

In the future, I wish to donate 15% of a clay creation's sales to pet / dog charities.

Read more about my story, and how these custom sculptures and pet keepsakes came to be the best memorial for your furry, feathery & scaley friends. Let's make this wish happen!

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Whilst living a basic Monday to Friday life, I was searching for inspiration on how I could take my from-childhood art hobbies further. I enjoy being creative and wanted to use this to make a little bit of extra money - to cover those pesky costs of car part bills, birthday presents and unexpected bills.

I came across polymer clay and picked up the cheapest starter set online. With a little experimenting, I soon realized I would love to make miniature animal figurine pet keepsakes one day, being an animal lover.

My very first animal creation was a cartoon-like glittery, green Gecko key charm. It wasn't realistic, but it was quite cute, so I carried this style on to make myself a baby, blue dragon key charm. However, after a couple of days on my keyring, mixed with my inexperience in polymer clay, it unfortunately didn't survive and up breaking into pieces. :(

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About a week later and some more knowledge on polymer clay gained, my Grandad's birthday was coming up and it dawned on me that I had get to get a present for him. 

I sat down with my starter kit materials and came up with the idea of trying to make my Grandad a miniature figurine of his late dog, which he lovingly owned for 13 years.

I made it on a whim, but I was really happy with the final piece! It brought smiles to my Grandad and the rest of the family.

This lit the flame on the idea on the idea of setting up an online shop where other pet lovers, or unprepared gifters like myself, can enjoy and gift the beautiful pet keepsakes, affordably.

I would love for everyone to be able to obtain these pet keepsakes of their furry, scaley and feathery friends. After all, they are family and so much more to us. So why not have a miniature sculpture that can be placed anywhere, or a key charm that can go with you everywhere - which will be sure to bring you a smile and bring the love of your pets to life. 

After all, I bet you don't have a miniature sculpture of your pet already?

Am I right? :)